How To Engage With Your Local Community In The Digital World

Koen van Andel

Koen van Andel

Local engagement is indeed inevitable for customer-oriented industries such as insurance. As of today, we live in a digitally-driven world which also fast-paced. So, knowing how to engage the local community in the digital world is a decisive factor for any business. That said, this article explains the methods you can utilize to engage your local community successfully. 

Engaging with your customers

First, you should think of using digital platforms to mark your online presence. The most important thing is to have a professional, fast, simplified, and modern website along with well-optimized social media profiles. The appearance of those platforms creates the first impression on your visitors and makes them feel you are worth contacting.

You should always create value for the prospects. This should be done in-person as well as online. Also, you should not maintain a “business only” attitude when reaching prospects. The key is to make your customers believe in you and the products you offer so you should be accessible all the time. You should work with a focus to become “the point-of-contact” of your community when a problem related to your products arises. To become that person or the point-of-contact, you should increase your community engagement. 

Examples for community engagement 

Let’s take a couple of examples to make it easier for you. 

Serve the needs of your local community 

One of the best ways to engage your local community is by filling a need it has. For instance, you can step up and support a sports team in your local community; buy them team jerseys, for instance. If you cannot tolerate such an amount, you can offer your expertise such as coaching them. Or, you can think of sponsoring team refreshments for a couple of games (be present there in person to make it more effective). 

Likewise, you can think of schools in your community that are either underfunded or understaffed. Then, you can stand up to fulfill their needs. You should know that pretty much all of your prospects might have a soft spot when it comes to sensitive aspects like children and education. So, you should demonstrate the same enthusiasm towards them. In return, it gives you personal satisfaction in addition to the credibility you gain. 

Shop within the local community 

Even though online shopping is more convenient these days, shopping in your local stores by physically visiting them is a good move that can bring excellent returns. 

  • You support a local business 
  • Develop stronger and warmer relationships with the community 
  • Get more referrals over time 
  • Build a brand around you 
  • The businesses in your community will rely on you when they need a service that relates to you. 

If none of the above solutions fits you, think of supporting the groups that offer essentials such as food to those who experience hardships in your community. You can even start a fundraiser as well and help the workers who are helping to overcome the current pandemic, for instance. You can even dedicate a certain part of your online presence and render your support to local groups. 


When you sell a product to your local community, the future of your business depends a lot on the relationship you have with the people in it. Whatever you spend on building better relationships and the efforts you put in should be considered as investments that can return great business. On top of that, serving your locale while doing your business is another level of self-satisfaction. 

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