How To Overcome Sales Objections as a Business owner

Koen van Andel

Koen van Andel

If you are a business owner, it is obvious that you need to sell. It goes without saying that you cannot think of your business without its customers. You might indeed have a sales staff to look after the sales of your business. But still, the success of your business matters to you more than anybody else. So, it is inevitable for any business owner to know how to overcome sales objectives.

There are many choosy clients who tend to have objections related to your product or service when you pitch it to them. Although only some of those objections are real, you should know how to address such situations carefully and convert them into sales. That said, mentioned below are some of the important steps you can take to overcome sales objections.

Know what you are selling

Although this might sound a no-brainer, a surprising number of business owners hardly know anything beyond the data related to their product and the competitors. So, as a smart business owner, you must truly understand your product thoroughly. Also, you must know the problem it answers. Your confidence and enthusiasm will convince potential clients and that will eventually contribute to mitigating sales objection.

Make it short and powerful

Your elevator pitch must be short yet powerful. No one will like to read or listen to a lengthy paragraph to realize its actual meaning. So, use your elevator pitch to convince your customers within the first couple of seconds. Whatever you use after the first 20 seconds goes useless if the first half of your pitch is dull, meaningless, or lengthy. For instance, assume that your audience is looking for something better than what they already have. You should start telling them why your product or service is the best match to fit their requirement.

Don’t rush

Short, powerful presenting and rushing are two different things. This is true particularly when it comes to in-person meetings. You must wait for a sign that indicates they are done. Until then, don’t even think about leaving. 

Credibility is important

You cannot sell a product or a service unless you establish credibility. So, use all your strategies to win the prospective client’s trust before approaching them. If they trust you, your job is almost done.

Don’t be hesitant to supply samples or trial periods

More often than not, objections emerge since people don’t want to take risks buying products or services. When the prospective client is in doubt, the best way to clear it by offering a sample whenever it is possible. After all, if you trust your product, you should be more than happy to offer samples, shouldn’t you? The sample itself will be your ambassador. When it comes to a service, you can offer a trial period, say, one month of service for free.

Besides, it is a very smart approach to bring the objection out first and address it immediately. This can be included in your elevator pitch as well. For instance, if you are a bit expensive compared to a competitor, tell that your product comes with the value for what they pay for.


You must not be discouraged due to sales objections. Instead, you should consider them as opportunities that helps sharpen and finetuning your sales approach. Once you have solved those problems, your sales approach becomes a comprehensive one and conversions can skyrocket so your efforts will return great results.

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